“We have been using KServeTMHRMS on the cloud for the past few years. The product is directly being used in self-service mode by our employees in the Middle East and African Regions on a daily basis. We are happy with the product, as well as the services provided around the product so as to keep in operations on a continuous basis – Kudos to Kallos team for their exceptional support. The system has enabled our employees who are posted at different sites to feel a part of the company, enabling them to seamlessly transact with the HR, Payroll and Administration departments in an efficient and transparent manner. We are happy to recommend Kallos Solutions and KServeTMHRMS to organizations that requires the comprehensive features that this product offers.”

LCC Saudi Arabia & North Africa

Asokan Kunnathully - Regional Director & Head of People Strategy, Organization Mgmt. & Corporate Services

Thank you for the tremendous job you and your team have done in implementing the KServeTMHRMS. It has been a pleasure working with you and your entire team at Kallos. The level of professionalism, dedication, and strong work ethic has been graciously received. The team has consistently delivered on requests, performed well on our expected business metrics, and been responsive to our business needs. I must admit that it has eased a large amount work especially in managing workforce across locations. It’s a holistic product addressing all the concerns of Human Resource Management. Thank you for your support. Please relay my gratitude and well wishes to all your staff."

iV Support Technologies Pvt Lmited

Shankar-Manager HR